Welcome to

Wabi Sabi Collective

The Wabi Sabi Collective aims to build a home in the metaverse. An initial collection of 5,678 Wabis will be launched as the genesis collection of the project.





6 years of AI and Machine Learning. 26 years overweight. Managing and developing stuff for Wabi Sabi.

3 years in Banking & Finance, 3 years in Digital Marketing. Has been in some ads. Management and marketing for Wabi Sabi.


Former collegiate powerlifter turned solidity developer. Started with contract work on BSC AMM farms before finding his way into Topshot and NFTs. 2 years now in blockchain development but has made Wabi Sabi his permanent residence.

The artist behind Wabi Sabi Collective. A digital nomad with 2 years experience in advertising, 2 years in fintech, and 23 years a sloth (because Sundays are sleep days). Loves lollipop.

Coding is one of her pastimes. Wants to automate anything and everything.


OG Mod. Has superpowers from eating a red bean. Everybody’s loving older sis.


What is the Wabi Sabi Collective?

Wabi Sabi is a movement to embrace one's imperfections in a time when we are all trying way too hard to be better, do more, in a time where there is immense pressure for us to act a certain way or do a certain thing.
We want to be an inclusive metaverse for all kinds of quirkiness, wackiness, natural selves.

What is the total supply for the collection?

The Wabi Sabi Collective will begin its journey with 5,678 Wabis, all ready to begin their lives in the coming Wabiverse.

What is the mint price?

0.075 ETH.

When is the mint date?

The Pre-sale will be on March 3, 2022 at 9AM EST.
The Public sale will be on March 4, 2022 at 10AM EST.

How many can I mint during the public sale?

You can mint up to 5 Wabis during public sale.

What is $SABI?

$SABI is the utility token of the Wabiverse, useful for gacha-rific fun and shenanigans, but also for sustenance needs, property purchases, and much much more. $SABI!

How do I mint a Wabi?

  1. Head over to our MINT NOW page during public sale.
  2. Connect your wallet via the CONNECT WALLET button on the top of the page.
  3. Select the number of Wabis you would like to mint, and hit go!
  4. Your Wabi Sabi lollipop will be unwrapped and its real self revealed later in the week.